Styling Services

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Personal Styling

Make that first impression with extraordinary style. Discover the new you with a makeover, whether it’s dressing up for everyday life, work, brunch or a special occasion.

Olivia will take you on an exclusive Personal Styling journey to guide you and help you discover the exciting world of style!

Personal Shopping

Let’s take you on a bespoke experience and together discover a unique persona for your Lifestyle, Personality and body shape. You’ll visit an array of stores ranging from High Street, Boutiques and luxury brands. Your Personal Shopping Experience will save you time and money; and you’ll also learn how to incorporate colours, trends and styles into everyday life.

After this experience, you’ll feel confident and comfortable throwing together statement pieces effortlessly.

Wardrobe Detox

Does the saying ‘I have nothing to wear’ sound familiar? Even though you’re actually struggling to close your closet doors. Let Olivia help you detox, whether it’s organizing your wardrobe or perhaps you’d like to get rid of some of your unwanted or old-fashioned clothes, she’s here to lighten your load and make you feel confident with the items you have and make room for more!

Virtual Styling

If you enjoy shopping on your own and would like expert opinion from time to time, a Personal Stylist would be happy to share advice and guide you virtually and will ensure you’ll be happy with your purchase by the time you get home!


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