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What essentials to pack for a weekend staycation?

What Travel Essentials every Stylish guy needs for a staycation?

Since the pandemic hit us; most of us have been working from home; and I’m pretty sure you’re thinking about a great escape; and since Travel is slowly opening up, now is a good time to learn a trick or two about what essentials you need to pack.

If you’re like me, you’d want to look stylish (yet comfortable as you never know who you’ll bump into); and quite frankly this quote from Coco Chanel is ever more appropriate:

“Every-day is a Fashion Show and the World is your runway”

My number one item would be a soft comfy v-neck t-shirt or polo, I would recommend neutral colours so that you can pair these with jeans, chinos and shorts. I absolutely love ZARA as they have a selection of these.

Another top item is pants a pair of well-fitted chinos or jeans would do the trick, these are easy to pair with a comfy tee, which leads me to the next piece;

A white cotton or denim shirt, which you can easily mix and match with the jeans or chinos. Next up I would recommend a pair of shorts, perhaps a chino shorts and some swim trunks (just in case you’d like to go for a swim).

If you’re planning on going for brunch, the above items are pretty much the ideal outfits to wear, which brings me to my last clothing item (my favourite) shoes! A pair of white/navy blue or sand colour sneakers would be perfect, alternatively easy slip-on loafers or espadrilles.

All the above, along with accessories, toiletries and other necessities, would just about fit perfectly in a modern, trendy duffle bag (which in all honesty I borrow from my better half’s from time to time).

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